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Vintage "Bullock's Los Angeles" 1950's Mink Stole

Vintage mink fur stole circa early 1950's in near mint condition, minor damage to stitching on label. No stains, tears, or fur damage. Is lined and has two pockets on interior. Reasonably priced at $250 +S&H.

Sherbet Originals late 1950's tennis dress

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vintage size 12 which is equivalent to approximately  a modern size 3. This adorable dress comes with ribbon and button details made of a heavy cotton/linen blend.  Reasonably priced at $44.00 + s&h

Late 1940's three piece women's suit
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Gee Bee of California rose patterned women's suit in mint condition. Made with heavy durable fabric and stitching, metal zippers, and a real mink collar. This is sized in a vintage size 10 which is approximately a modern size 2. Priced at a reasonable $200 + s&h

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